2020 Passion Play and Cruise

September 30-October 10 2020

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Dear Friends,

Bob and Lynn Helton along with Carl and Debra Yost have already decided on a possible trip in the year 2020. Every ten years the town of Oberammergau in Germany puts on the World Famous Passion Play.

What could be better than a River Cruise on the Danube river for 7 days leading up to that famous play? Our journey begins in world famous Budapest, and then sails to Regansburg. Along the way we will visit the cities of Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Passau, Weltenburg, and Regansburg. We also visit the increadible Melk Abbey. Our trip then ventures to to Munich before transferring to Oberammergau with 2 nights lodging for the play

There are some of our regulars who have already been to the passion play therefore we are also planning a diversion trip to the historic city of Berchtesgaden to visit the Eagle's Nest and saltmines.

Our dates are set September 20 - October 10 in 2020. So mark your calendars, for our first ever River Cruise Tour.

Our tour company has done this trip for the last two passion plays and has tremendous experience getting all the perks possible for such a trip. Email us at trip@heltoni.com for more information.

If you have suggestions for 2022 and beyond email us as well.

Buon Viaggio,

Carl, Debra, Bob and Lynn believe that travel changes people. We call our trips pilgrimages believing that you will grow spiritually as you experience different cultures, live in the community of other pilgrims and visit another corner of Godís beautiful creation.


Pastor Bob and Lynn Helton
Pastor Carl and Debra Yost
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